Aquatics Programs


Aquatics Today is continually developing and sharing programs that contribute to leadership development, better systems, and best practices, and in the recreational aquatics community.

Aquatics Accelerators Program

This is a licensed training program designed for aquatic directors and for senior administrators of parks and recreational facilities. There are 3 versions specifically for city government, non-profit organizations, and school based teams. They range from 4-week intensive to 1-year programs.

Life Watch

We Watch. We Guard. We Rescue. This license training program for lifeguards is designed to educate lifeguards regarding effective water safety programs. There will be monthly master classes where the attendees will learn how to improve pool safety and develop best practices for their swim facilities.

Life Guard Recruiter Program

People who sign up for this program will learn how to rescue the community and keep people safe, one lifeguard at a time. It will also help aquatic directors find the most suitable individuals for the job.

These aren’t the only programs that Aquatics Today is preparing for you.

Stay tuned to see what we’re planning for you during the National Drown Prevention Week, every fourth week of June. We’re also organizing various summits for different parts of the aquatics recreational community.


Aquatics Leadership Summit:

This is an annual summit that will be held in Los Angeles, CA starting in 2023. There will be a virtual one-day event on the fourth of May.



Life Guard Summit: 

This virtual one-day event is designed specifically for lifeguards.




Drown Prevention Summit: 

In line with National Drown Prevention Week, this summit will be a virtual one-day event held on Wednesday, June 20, 2022.