Lifewatch Program




We've all seen and heard of Baywatch. Well, move over and get ready for Lifewatch.

Aquatics Today's first national training program for pool managers is scheduled to launch in early 2022. The program will be known as "Lifewatch - Pool Management Training."

This program is unique because it is not your typical lifeguard training program that is made for them, but our program is made with them. Current and former lifeguards help develop our comprehensive training that goes well beyond the traditional training lifeguards initially receive.

Aquatics Today developed the program after extensive research revealed that many lifeguards have quit because of their bad experiences with management, lack of year-round engagement, and because they outgrow the position.


But what would happen if your aquatics program incorporated ongoing professional character development that allowed lifeguards to grow year-round? Things would be positively different. 

Aquatic directors and pool managers benefit from our train-the-trainer lifeguard program using our licensed resources and curriculum.

The basic premise behind this training module is to give aquatic professionals a skills-based approach to help them develop good working relationships with their lifeguards.

LifeWatch Gives You Ways To Increase The Lifeguard's Respect Factor 

Our program helps lifeguards receive the respect they deserve as first responders near the water. They will learn to take more responsibility and make better decisions on their own, which allows them to rise above the rest.

Our research found that aquatic professionals prefer this new approach because it empowers lifeguards to make responsible choices throughout their shifts - without having to be closely monitored by every aquatic professional on duty at all times.

This program gives managers the tools and procedures needed to develop strong working relationships while empowering lifeguards with increased decision-making abilities while working in the water.


Some of the topics covered during this training:

  • Accountability Lifeguard effectiveness
  • Empowering your lifeguards
  • The importance of communication
  • Maintaining positive relationships
  • How to prevent bullying
  • Dealing with difficult co-workers
  • Self-awareness Resolutions for disagreements

Our goal is to help you recruit, train, and retain your lifeguards for years to come. Providing a holistic program made by lifeguards for lifeguards with insight from our season aquatics professionals will allow you to relax and know you are doing it right the first time.

LifeWatch Is More Than A Program...

It's a Movement


We are developing a movement and aquatic community for lifeguards to grow and share with other lifeguards nationwide. It's a movement where lifeguards are honored and appreciated for their essential service to the communities they serve.

Lifewatch was created for lifeguards by lifeguards. Lifewatch is a movement that wants to empower lifeguards everywhere.

The Lifewatch Movement is about empowering lifeguards to impact those they serve positively. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from having well-trained and empowered lifeguards:

  • Increased attendance at aquatic facilities
  • Decreased litigation exposure
  • Greater retention rates among employees
  • Higher levels of engagement from your staff, who now must bring their A-game because they're more knowledgeable about risk management and water safety.
  • Lower insurance premiums because there has been a decrease in claims filed against your organization due to negligent hiring practices or lack of training programs

Our goal is to help aquatics professionals create positive experiences for lifeguards and the members they serve while also protecting themselves from risk. By creating a more interactive training platform beyond traditional written exams and 3-hour in-service sessions, we're giving aquatic facilities the ability to save money on liability claims by encouraging real-time communication among staff. 

Here's what you get when you bring Lifewatch into your facility:

  • A safe environment for your members​
  • Improved morale among members
  • A reduction in litigation exposure
  • Effective communication strategies
  • Empowered employees who are invested in their work
  • Community involvement
  • Our vision of what things should be like at every aquatics facility is about having fun but being safe at the same time.

We want to see you and your aquatics program win. It starts with a great philosophy, a winning team, and well-trained lifeguards.

Are you ready to join the Lifewatch Movement? We are putting the fun back into being lifeguards and saving lives. Aquatic directors and pool managers, your job just got easier, thanks to Lifewatch!