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The Aquatics Today mission is to provide lifelong learning opportunities that shape the future of aquatic safety and excellence, one lifesaver at a time

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What is Living Education for Lifesavers?

Living Education for Lifesavers embodies the philosophy that learning is an ongoing journey essential for those dedicated to aquatic safety and leadership. Through private virtual trainings, we connect our members with inspiring and accomplished individuals from diverse industries. These experts share their invaluable knowledge and insights, tailored specifically to the needs of aquatics leaders, to foster continuous growth and success.

Our members gain access to above-industry-standard solutions addressing the most pressing challenges in aquatic leadership, including lifeguard recruitment strategies, securing program and facility funding, effective team management techniques, designing inclusive programming, enhancing lifeguard development programs, and maintaining rigorous safety standards.

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A Fresh Take onĀ 

Aquatics Community Building

Recreational aquatic facilities include swimming pools, leisure rivers, body slides, water attractions, and more. We bring you updates about the latest aquatics opportunities and water safety programs in your area, depending on which aquatics facilities and swim programs are currently available in your local district.Ā 

And at Aquatics Today, we look at things from your perspective to form an informative and inclusive community.

We've observed the aquatics division and the public swimming pool facilities of city governments. We've heard from non-profit organizations that have an aquatics program. And we've studied school-based swim programs.

Our team values conversations with aquatics coaches, directors, and managers who oversee these programs to determine what the community wants to hear, see and read about on one consolidated platform.

Featured Experts

Explore cutting-edge aquatic insights with our experts, each a beacon of innovation and excellence in their field.Ā 

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Motti Eliyahu

Lifeguards New York, National Recruiter

Miriam Lynch, Ph.D

Diversity in Aquatics, CEO

AP Diaz

Seattle Parks & Recreation, Superintendent

Janet Evans

LA28, Chief Athlete Officer

Why Aquatics Today Is the Solution You've Been Seeking

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to financial accessibility.

For just $10/month, our membership provides unparalleled access to a wealth of resources and opportunities, ensuring that all aquatics leaders, regardless of financial means, can participate in and benefit from ongoing specialty educational training.

At Aquatics Today, inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do. We approach our platform from your perspective, fostering an informative and inclusive community that values the input of aquatics coaches, directors, and managers.

We've listened to the needs of city governments, non-profit organizations, and school-based swim programs, shaping our offerings to meet the diverse needs of the aquatics community.

Unlock sustainable funding for your aquatic programs with the Aquatic Funding Mastery Program. This expert-led journey equips Aquatics Directors, Facility Managers, and Department Heads with the knowledge to secure grants and develop effective funding plans. Benefit from a wealth of resources, continuous updates, and a tailored learning experience to fit your organizational needs. Propel your aquatic initiatives to new heights with strategic funding solutions.

Transform your aquatic space into a hub of diversity and inclusion with the Aquatics Inclusivity Leadership Program. Gain insights from DEI experts, access on-demand resources to learn at your pace, and apply practical strategies to foster equity. Join a community aiming to break barriers in aquatic environments. With tiered subscription options, tailor your experience to your facility's needs. Be the changeā€”subscribe now and lead in creating inclusive aquatic communities worldwide.

Elevate your lifeguard career with the Lifeguard Excellence Program, a comprehensive series designed for those dedicated to achieving the highest standards in lifeguarding. Gain career development insights, learn best practices from industry leaders, and enjoy continuous growth with resources for your professional journey. With flexible learning options and recognition on our platforms, this program is your path to becoming a standout lifesaver. Join now and redefine excellence in lifeguarding

Elevate your aquatic career and facility with the Aquatic Excellence Complete Series Bundle, a comprehensive suite of programs tailored for professionals eager to lead in water safety, funding, lifeguard recruitment, diversity, and management. This bundle offers expert-led training, innovative strategies, and a community of peers, ensuring you're equipped with the knowledge and skills for impactful leadership. Seize this opportunity to drive forward both personal and facility growth, setting new standards in the aquatic sector.

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