A Warm, Friendly Environment for the Aquatics Community

If you’re looking for a warm and friendly environment built specifically for the recreational aquatics community, this is the place for you. Aquatics Today keeps you updated with the best practices and latest news regarding the community so you’re always in the know.

What does Aquatics Today do?

Aquatics Today focuses on five things:

  • Finding ways to improve swimming programs and aquatics divisions
  • Providing best practices for recreational aquatics communities in local districts
  • Sharing leadership development platforms for aquatics directors and managers
  • Aquatic Professionals (i.e. lifeguards, pooler managers, pro swimmers)
  • Resources from reputable aquatic vendors

If you’re overseeing a school’s swim program, or if you’re in charge of the lifeguards at your local swimming pool facilities, we are armed to help you better the system and improve safety at your facility. 

swimming coach

How do we help the aquatics community?


Recreational aquatic facilities include swimming pools, leisure rivers, body slides, water attractions, and more. We bring you updates about the latest aquatics opportunities and water safety programs in your area, depending on which aquatics facilities and swim programs are currently available in your local district.

And at Aquatics Today, we look at things from your perspective to form an informative and inclusive community. 


We’ve observed the aquatics division and the public swimming pool facilities of city governments. We’ve heard from non-profit organizations that have an aquatics program. And we’ve studied school-based swim programs.

Our team values conversations with aquatics coaches, directors, and managers who oversee these programs to determine what the community wants to hear, see, and read about on one consolidated platform.

Why stick around and join our community?

Aquatics Today has one goal in mind: to help the recreational aquatics community build enjoyable swimming programs and effective water safety initiatives. We contribute to safer, more fun facilities by keeping the community informed about the latest programs, conferences, and initiatives related to all things aquatics.

More importantly, we want to foster a warm and engaging environment where members of our online community can confidently share aquatics-related updates and insights through our platform.

Together, we can brainstorm and implement programs that make aquatics activities more effective. We also share leadership development ideas and best practices with the community. Join us today.