Lifeguard Recruitment Program

Let's face it... Aquatics directors and managers everywhere are finding it challenging to recruit lifeguards. There is a shortage of lifeguards nationwide, and the problem is only getting worse. So, what is the solution? We have the answer.

It's our Lifeguard Recruitment Program. In the program, we give people a place to go and a way to get noticed by your aquatics department so you can start building a lifeguard staff from the ground up. Let us show you how this works!





First, we assess your need to see how many lifeguards you desire to recruit.

Second, conduct a discovery call to see how best to help you achieve your recruitment goals.

Third, we mutually decide if our program is a good fit for what you need.

Suppose we are both in agreement that the Life Guard Recruitment program is right for your organization. In that case, Aquatics Today unfolds our proprietary strategies and systems to assist you in recruiting lifeguards in your community.

We use untraditional methods that effectively capture the attention of potential applicants and work directly with you to fill the gap to ensure your community has the coverage it needs to keep your community safe and prevent drownings.

Our Lifeguard Recruitment Program also focuses on early recruitment outreach activities such as visiting local schools, setting up information tables at community events, and working within communities of interest to establish relationships with potential candidates where they live and work. 

This helps us gain greater market visibility for your facility by consistently marketing it as a great place of employment. Another one of our benefits is that we provide you with custom quotes based on each search assignment's needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you go from lifeguard shortage to lifeguard surplus!