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Dive into Innovation: AquaSummit NYC - Pioneering the Future of Aquatics in New York City!

Join us for an extraordinary gathering of aquatics veterans and leaders at AquaSummit NYC, a groundbreaking event aimed at revolutionizing the aquatics industry in New York City. As the premiere roundtable discussion for aquatics managers and directors, AquaSummit NYC offers a unique platform to address the most pressing challenges facing our community and forge collaborative, scalable solutions.


🔑 Round Table Discussion Topics

  • Ensuring Water Safety: Dive into the critical issue of recent drownings and explore strategies to enhance safety protocols, improve lifeguard training, and foster a culture of vigilance.

  • Swim Lesson Education and Access: Discover innovative approaches to expand swim lesson programs, promote water competency, and provide equal access to aquatic education for all communities.

  • Empowering Knowledgeable Parents: Explore ways to educate parents on water safety, equip them with essential skills to prevent water-related incidents, and foster a strong parental support system for aquatic activities.

  • Community Engagement: Unlock the power of community involvement and learn how to build strong partnerships to bolster water safety initiatives, organize community events, and promote aquatic programs.

  • Revenue Generation: Dive into the realm of financial sustainability by exploring strategies to maximize revenue generation, leverage new revenue streams, and ensure the long-term success of aquatics programs.

The Reality is New Yorkers Need Us Now More Than Ever 🛟

Third teen saw two drowned NYC boys playing near water’s edge before disappearance

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Bronx girl, 7, drowns in hotel pool while 5-month-old left alone in room as mom drank at bar

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THURSDAY, JUNE 1, 2023 1:00 PM EST


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